October 18, 2022

Modern Hearing Aid Features

Gone are the days of the clunky, whistling hearing aids that you may remember from previous generations. Just as laptops, cell phones, music players, and other electronic devices have become more ergonomic, innovative, and faster than ever, hearing aids have undergone a renaissance in the past few years. Hearing aid manufacturers have taken feedback from consumers and hearing health providers alike to create cutting-edge hearing experiences for those with hearing loss. Here we round up the most exciting features available in today's hearing aids.

Bluetooth connectivity

Headphones, cell phones, portable speakers – and hearing aids can now connect to other devices through Bluetooth technology. Hearing aids use Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone, which allows you to use an app to control your listening experience. The benefits? Hearing aid wearers can stream phone calls, music, TV shows, and other media directly to their ears with wireless connectivity. This eliminates the need for headphones when you're making a call on the run, or you want to catch up on your favorite podcast on your daily commute.


While many hearing aid models still offer power via the traditional route – changing out batteries as they run low – many users have opted for a rechargeable option. This makes sense, especially when most of our electronics have fast-charging options. Rechargeable hearing aids are now fueled by lithium-ion batteries, the same ones you find in your phone and laptop. Offered by the majority of the leading manufacturers, rechargeable hearing aids are simple to use and incredibly efficient. Drop your hearing aids into the recharging unit overnight and wake up to fully charged hearing aids, some lasting up to 24 hours of use, even when streaming. Most manufacturers also offer a travel charging pack, which is especially useful for folks who are often out of the house. Rechargeable hearing aids guarantee that your devices will not run out of batteries at inopportune times.

Water, dust-resistant coatings

It's what's inside that counts with hearing aids, so it's critical to ensure that the sensitive electrical components are well-protected. Many hearing aids now come with cutting-edge coatings which are more resistant to moisture, sweat, grime, and dust. They don't "sweat" against your skin and discolor due to sweat.

Directional microphones

The use of directional microphones is crucial for people who have moderate to severe hearing loss. They can help improve speech understanding in noisy situations such as restaurants or busy streets by helping you focus on the speaker in front of you.

Artificial Intelligence

Many hearing aids now use Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a type of technology that uses computers to continuously learn and solve problems. It's also called AI. Artificial intelligence is used in many places, including computers, phones, cars, and homes. It's also used to make websites easier to use and make it easier to find what you're looking for on the internet. Hearing aids with AI can learn from you and adapt to your needs over time. The more they are used in your environments, the better they'll understand them over time. They can learn from your use patterns and adapt to your needs over time. They can even help you hear better in noisy situations, like restaurants or crowded rooms.


Many modern hearing aids have geotagging features, allowing you to save your listening preferences based on location. For example, you can geotag settings for your home, office, or favorite restaurant. As soon as you arrive in that location, your hearing aids will automatically adjust to those settings to hear clearly without lifting a finger.

Sleek design

Looks aren't everything, but people naturally gravitate towards discreet designs for hearing aids. Modern hearing aids are less visible, especially with certain behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal models. The small designs mean that the plastic compartment behind your ear is less visible. Furthermore, these miniature models blend right in with many different color options to match your skin and hair. Other hearing aids, such as the completely-in-canal type, are almost invisible to the casual observer!

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