About our Practice

We understand what you’re going through and we’re here to help you. Discover how we provide early identification, lasting solutions and patient-focused care. Our audiologists solely direct advanced medical technology, a comprehensive diagnostic approach – to deliver hearing and balance solutions designed just for you. Our primary focus is to prevent a communication deficit and risk to personal safety.  At AHBC in Plano or AHBC in Grapevine, you can find lasting relief and get back to the life you love.

Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 25 years!

Our Audiology Team

Marilyn M. Hinrichs, Au.D.

American Board of Audiology Certified Audiologist

“Due to my passion for science and the human ear, I pursued education in audiology to help patients on a more personal level. As an audiologist, I enjoy forming meaningful relationships with my patients while also treating their hearing and balance health concerns. I make it a priority to address both my patient’s medical issues and treatment options, while supporting their decisions and preferences. Maintaining a positive relationship with my patients allows me to effectively treat their hearing and balance disorders, which I feel is key to success and recovery.”


• Doctor of Audiology from Arizona School of Health Sciences (June 2001)
• Master of Science from The University of Texas at Dallas (May 1994)
• Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude) from Texas Woman’s University (May 1992)

Professional Affiliations

• American Board of Audiology Certified
• Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (F-AAA)
• Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A)
• Course Director - Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC)
• Vestibular & Concussion Certified with The American Institute of Balance
• Member of the Texas Academy of Audiology
• Member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology
• Member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
• Best Practice Pro, Dr. Cliff Approved Audiologist

Dr. Hinrichs works at our Allen and Grapevine clinics.

A. June Ledesma, Au.D.


“I love being an audiologist because every day when I come to work, I get to be someone’s Hearing Super Hero! I have hearing loss myself and I know first-hand the challenges that people with impaired-hearing face daily. I enjoy helping people find solutions that improve their lives, facilitate communication with family, and allow them to confidently participate in conversations around them.”


• Doctor of Audiology at Arizona School of Health Sciences (May 2017)
• Master of Science from The University of Texas at Dallas (May 1997)
• Bachelor of Science (cum laude) from The University of Texas at Dallas (December 1995)

Professional Affiliations

• Member of the Texas Academy of Audiology
• Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A)
• Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (F-AAA)
• Member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
• Vestibular & Concussion Certified with The American Institute of Balance

Dr. Ledesma works at our Allen and Grapevine clinics.

Victoria R. Levy, Au.D.


Dr. Levy has been with Advanced Hearing & Balance Center since 2020. As a newly minted audiologist with a passion for dizziness, imbalance, and patient education.

As a graduate of the Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium (University of Akron) and native Buffalo, New York, Dr. Levy has amassed clinical experience in private audiology practices, Ear, Nose, and Throat clinics, and Veteran Affairs CBOC settings in multiple states.

Dr. Levy has completed an extensive 1-year training and certification with The American Institute of Balance under direct supervision of Dr. Richard Gans and his physical therapists and audiologists. She continues to attend virtual training weekly to further expand her knowledge and skill set. Dr. Levy has enjoyed growing into her fascination with the ears through hearing and vestibular disorder diagnostics and treatment.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Levy can be found listening to original cast recordings of Broadway musicals, reading the newest book in her collection, or cooking one of her new recipes from HelloFresh. Dr. Levy works at our Audiology clinic in Allen, TX.


• Doctor of Audiology at University of Akron - Ohio (May 2021)

Professional Affiliations

• Vestibular & Concussion Certified with The American Institute of Balance

Rachel Garcia, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

“I have a sense of urgency about raising awareness on the impacts of untreated hearing loss, tinnitus and balance disorders, which can be debilitating and critical in people’s daily lives, to our community and local physicians, in hopes that this information will reach people who suffer with symptoms and who need our help – even those who don’t know it yet. Our patients deserve to make educated decisions regarding their healthcare.”

Jennifer Stroup Bobo, Au.D.


“I want to help every patient live the life they want without hearing loss being a hindrance. That’s why I will spend whatever time is necessary to ensure that each patient receives the best care I can offer. The field of audiology is filled with challenges and ongoing changes. I maintain up-to-date knowledge of the new technologies offered. Fortunately, through my active involvement in professional organizations, I can learn from and share information with my fellow audiologists. This in turn, translates into superior care and more advanced treatment for my patients. Since I have personally experienced hearing loss and tinnitus due to chemotherapy and radiation, I am more motivated than ever to help every patient live life without any limitations.”


• Doctor of Audiology at George S. Osbourne School of Audiology (May 2008)
• Master of Science from The University of Texas at Dallas (May 1995)
• Bachelor of Science from The University of Texas at Austin (May 1993)

Professional Affiliations

• Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology (F-AAA and Active Member of 4 Committees)
• Lifetime Member of the Texas Academy of Audiology (Past-President and Current Active Board Member since 2010)
• Scott Haug Foundation "Outstanding Texas Audiologist of the Year 2019"

About Our Practice

Our Mission

To provide a professional, honest, and evidence-based approach to hearing and balance healthcare to patients – along with encouraging and supporting professional development regarding audiology with other healthcare teams. 

INTEGRITY – We exhibit an undivided culture by making ethical choices, being honest and having strong moral principles.  We work together to create a culture built on trust, respect and diversity.  We are real and authentic. We not only believe in doing the right thing, but in doing it the right way.

SERVICE – We seek to have a positive and lasting impact within our community, workplace and beyond.  We are devoted in heart, mind and passion to give our time, talents, resources and energy to others without hesitation.

EXCELLENCE – We strive to make a difference by implementing best practices, providing high-quality products and delivering superior service.  We are eager to possess the highest standards and deliver the highest results, so we bring our best every day, continually making improvements along our journey.

INNOVATION – We encourage individuality and have a deep respect for ideas, skills, capabilities and knowledge.  We use creative and dynamic thinking to drive growth, efficiency and quality in our audiology business.  We have the courage to take risks in the pursuit of moving our mission forward.

COMPASSION – We are driven by concern for the well-being of those we serve. 

Our Vision 

To work closely with healthcare teams in the community to provide education and help navigate patients’ overall wellness for their future. 

Practice Philosophy

Our audiologists will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, accountability, efficiency, and openness.  We approach our activities with a deep sense of purpose and responsibility.  Our patients can be assured of a balanced and sensible approach to their hearing and balance healthcare. 

Core Values

  • We believe that our patients, and the significant others in their lives, deserve fair, honest, sincere, and competent care that seeks to educate and provide them with all information related to their hearing healthcare.
  • We believe in exceptional, professional, and consistent service that is flexible enough to accommodate each individual's unique needs.
  • We believe that every individual connected with this practice deserves to be treated with respect (this includes patients and their families, staff members and their families, referring physicians, and vendors.)
  • We believe that it is both possible and desirable to aim at the ongoing growth of our practice while maintaining an unswerving commitment to quality.
  • We believe that exceptional care requires us to remain on the cutting edge of new technologies, programs, and services in the field of hearing healthcare.
  • We believe in the importance of effective communication in every area of our business.
  • We believe that our practice should operate with the highest possible ethical standards.
  • We believe in a commitment to the ongoing professional development of our staff through continuing education and training.

Community Involvement

Advanced Hearing & Balance Center has a long and proud history of giving back to the local community.  Our goal is to help everyone in our community hear their best and function normally.  Our team enjoys being active members of the community. We volunteer our services, expertise and time to local organizations and charities, as well as participate in fundraisers and other events within our community.  If you know of an event or charity you would like us to get involved in, please contact our office and speak with our community events coordinator.
About Our Community Involvement

Free Hearing & Balance Events

Advanced Hearing & Balance Center is one of Dallas-Fort Worth area leaders in audiologic care for hearing and balance disorders.

Attend our next FREE workshop or seminar to learn more about hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus, dizziness and balance disorders. We offer these educational programs at a variety of locations throughout the year. There is no cost to attend and you are under no obligation.

No seminars are scheduled at this time.

Please call 972-733-3344 to be added to a waiting list for the future educational session.

Corporate Outreach in the DFW Metroplex

Advanced Hearing & Balance Center has been providing expert services including hearing screenings, educational presentations, attendance at health and wellness fairs, and on-site hearing health care to Fortune 500 companies throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for 15+ years.

We also work side-by-side and provide professional support to corporate offices with regards to employee compliance for hearing conservation plans in the workplace, obtaining proper fitting hearing protection, and taking preventive measures to protect employees hearing and balance function.  

If you are interested in teaming-up with our dedicated professionals to provide audiological services or combine them with your existing wellness program, please contact our office for more information.

Referring Physicians

Advanced Hearing & Balance Center regularly accepts referrals from referring physicians, including specialty and primary care providers. Physicians interested in referring patients may do so via phone, fax, or through your electronic referral system. Click here for an updated list of insurances we take.

Referrals should include all relevant patient information, including: demographics, insurance cards, office notes, operative reports, test results, diagnostic results like CT scans or MRI’s, and reason for referral with diagnosis. Once this information has been received, our staff will contact the patient directly to schedule a consultation.

If you have any questions about the patient referral process, or if this is an urgent referral, please call us at 972-733-3344. We appreciate your referrals and look forward to working with you to help care for your patients on their journey to health!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your patients!

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