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AHBC offers a wide range of hearing aids for mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, and our hearing care professionals have in-depth product knowledge to assist you in identify what’s best for your needs.

At AHBC in Plano, TX, you can find lasting relief and get back to the life you love.

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Hearing Aid Wearing Styles

Modern hearing aids are available in a variety of technology levels, wearing styles, and colors. They may look different, but they all share the same components: microphone, processor, amplifier, receiver, and battery. The exact configuration of these important components differ depending on the hearing aid.

Common Hearing Aid WEaring Styles Include:

Receiver in Canal (RIC)
ric hearing aid style

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are one of the most popular wearing styles due to their ease of use & discreet appearance.

RIC aids are similar in appearance to the larger Behind the Ear wearing style; but instead have the receiver component placed just inside the ear with a clear plastic tube connecting to the device itself.

RIC hearing aids treat a wide range of degrees of hearing loss and therefore work for most people.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
mini bte hearing aid

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are worn on the back of the ear with a plastic tube that delivers sound to a custom ear mold. BTE hearing aids are easier to control and treat a wide range of degrees of hearing loss. They may be inconvenient for people who wear glasses, but the placement of their controls will be easy for people who have dexterity issues.

Completely in Canal (CIC)
cic hearing aids

Completely-In-Canal hearing aids are similar to IIC in that they are custom made and fit inside your ear canal. Only a very small “tip” of the hearing aid or a small clear plastic “handle” will show with CIC hearing aids. Most people who choose CIC hearing aids report that people typically do not know they are wearing hearing aids. CIC hearing aids are also most suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

In the Ear (ITE)
 ite hearing aid style

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are worn inside the ear, with the shell of the hearing aid at the surface of the ear. The options are full shell or half shell. ITE hearing aids house all of their components in a plastic shell. While these hearing aids benefit people who wear glasses or experience arthritis, they may not be convenient for those who have dexterity issues due to their small controls.

In the Canal (ITC)
ric hearing aid style

In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids are a form of in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, which are worn deeper inside the ear canal. These are usually custom made devices made to fit inside your canal, which gives them the benefit of being visually discreet. ITC hearing aids may be difficult for people with dexterity issues to control, while the lack of a directional microphone means they are better suited for people with moderate levels of hearing loss. They come in completely-in-canal and invisible-in-canal styles.

Invisible in Canal (IIC)
ite hearing aids

Although all modern hearing aids are small and discreet, IIC hearing aids are by far the least detectable. These hearing aids are custom made to fit your ear’s anatomy and fit further into the ear canal than other hearing aid style – thus causing them to become completely invisible. These hearing aids are suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Brands

At Advanced Hearing & Balance Center, we are independently owned and operating, granting us the freedom to work with all of the leading manufacturers. This means we are not required to recommend just one brand to our patients, and can instead fit patients with the absolute best hearing aid for their unique hearing loss. We work with all of the leading manufacturers including Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, Signia, Widex, ReSound, Unitron and more. Learn more about the top manufacturers below.

Oticon Hearing Aids
oticon hearing aids

Oticon is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids, with the new open-solution hearing aid, OPN More. OPN More builds on previous Oticon technological successes, such as BrainHearing Technology. With the understanding that hearing happens in the brain, Oticon has designed features to support brain function as it makes sense of sound in the auditory process.

Oticon More takes their revolutionary BrainHearing™ technology to the next level, with a highly trained, directly embedded Deep Neural Network (DNN). It gives the brain more of the information it needs to make sense of sound.

Starkey Hearing Aids
starkey hearing aids

Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is committed to their mission, “Alone we can’t do much. Together, we can change the world.” As the sole American hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey Hearing Technologies created the first in-canal hearing aid and first custom, digital and fully programmable hearing aid. Their latest innovation, the Livio, is the first to incorporate artificial intelligence and activity sensors.

Starkey uses evidence-based design and research to update their hearing aids, thoroughly testing them at the Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, California. The Starkey Hearing Foundation donates hearing aids to developing countries for every purchase made of a Starkey hearing aid; to date they have gifted over 1 million hearing aids.

Phonak Hearing Aids
phonak hearing aids

Phonak  is one of the top manufacturers in the world. With their Lyric hearing aids, Phonak is the first company to unveil truly 100% invisible hearing aids, that are intended to be work 24/7, for months at a time.

With a full range of hearing products and new rechargeable hearing aid technology, users can now enjoy superior hearing performance while freeing themselves from the hassles of disposable batteries.

Their latest product, the Audéo™ Paradise, connects directly to your iOS®, Android™ or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices so you can stream audio in excellent quality directly to your devices.

Signia Hearing Aids
resound hearing aids

Signia was the brand previously owned by Siemens Hearing Instruments and is currently part of WS Audiology (which also owns Widex).

Signia Pure Charge&Go AX are Signia’s smallest rechargeable Receiver in Canal Hearing aids. These aids are ideal for experienced and first-time hearing aid wearers who are looking for a sleek aesthetic device that is fully featured.

Widex Hearing Aids
signia hearing aids

Widex was a family owned company founded in Denmark in 1956. Most recently, they owned with the owners of Signia to create WS Audiology. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids, their approach to innovation has led to such advances as the world’s first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology.

Widex’s newest model, MOMENT™ connects wirelessly to your cell phone and allows you to stream calls, music, and other media directly to your hearing aids. The MOMENT offers machine learning, which allows the devices to adjust and adapt over time.

WIDEX MOMENT™ now connects seamlessly with TV PLAY™. That means users can stream the sound of their TV directly to their hearing aids with its incredible natural sound quality – making TV, movies and games truly immersive and more enjoyable.

ReSound Hearing Aids
resound hearing aids

ReSound is among the leading hearing aid manufacturers offering advanced hearing technology. Resound was founded in 1943 and has been a force in the industry producing reliable, innovative hearing aid technology. ReSound focuses on creating technology to make their hearing aids smarter, and better able to adapt to their users.

ReSound is responsible for the ReSound LiNX, the first Apple-certified "MFi" or Made for iPhone hearing aid that connects directly to the iPhone or other iOS device without any intermediary devices.

Their latest iteration, the ONE allows wearers to easily locate sounds with M&RIE, a Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear design. Our one-of-a-kind hearing aid enriches your daily sound environments with direction and depth.

Unitron Hearing Aids
unitron hearing aids

Founded in 1964, Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer owned by Sonova Group (one of the largest hearing aid producers). Unitron develops reliable hearing aids with innovative features. They are committed to outstanding product performance, design, and customer satisfaction.

Blu, their newest platform features their highly advanced signal processing system, Integra OS. With easy personalization, made-for-all connectivity and sleek new styles, you can offer life-enhancing hearing solutions that are ready for anything.

New Hearing Aids

We are committed to providing our patients with choices when it comes to their treatment. That's why we work with all of the leading hearing aid manufacturers, staying on top of the latest hearing aid technology available on the market. Below is a list of the newest models offered by the best brands. Depending on each patients unique hearing loss and lifestyle, we'll recommend the most appropriate model to ensure the best outcome possible.

Signia IX

Signia IX

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Oticon Intent

Oticon Intent

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Resound Omnia

Resound Omnia

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Phonak Lumity

Phonak Lumity

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Widex Moment

Widex Moment

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Signia AX

Signia AX

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Starkey Evolv

Starkey Evolv

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Oticon More

Oticon More

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Resound One

Resound One

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Phonak Paradise

Phonak Paradise

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Hearing Aid Services

Our team of Texas Licensed Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists offer comprehensive hearing aid services including hearing aid evaluations, hearing aid fittings/programming, hearing aid maintenance, and hearing aid repairs.

Hearing Aid Repair

While you may take daily steps to care for your hearing aids at home, we recommend that you bring your hearing aids in for repair if they should malfunction. Our team is trained to provide repair services for hearing aids manufactured by the major hearing aid brands.

Often times repairs can be performed on the spot, while you wait in our comfortable office. If your devices require extensive repairs, we will send them to the manufacturer on your behalf to get them in great working order once again.

New to Hearing Aids?

Here's what you can expect.

Treating hearing loss is a process, best guided by an experienced professional. Get the most out of your new devices with comprehensive hearing care provided by our team of Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists. Our experienced team will guide you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Hearing Testing

Hearing Testing is non-invasive and painless, requiring a comprehensive series of tests performed by a Doctor of Audiology. The results of these tests are displayed on an Audiogram, which will be explained in easy to understand terms by one of our experienced hearing professionals. If the testing indicates a need for treatment, the options will be presented with a recommended treatment for your unique situation. Any questions or concerns you have will be addressed with clear communication.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Customization

While choosing the right device is important, the proper fitting and programming of the aid is even more important for a successful hearing aid experience. When you choose Advanced Hearing & Balance, you are working with experienced hearing professionals who will take the time to program your hearing aid following best practices.

Follow-Up Care

Your journey to better hearing doesn't end when you receive your new hearing aids. As you acclimate to your hearing aids, you'll need follow up care to update the programming as needed. We'll work together to ensure your aids are working their best for you, now and in the future.

Hearing Aid Maintenance & Check-ups

Modern hearing aids are reliable and durable, but do require maintenance to continue performing at their best for years to come. Our hearing professionals are here to perform routine maintenance and check-ups to keep your devices working well for you, and answer any question you have about their use.

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