Which insurance plans are AHBC contracted with?

We contract with most carriers. To confirm that we take your insurance, please review our list below of Accepted Insurance Plans.

Providing Hearing Aid Services to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 25 years!

Advanced Hearing & Balance Center participate in most major health plans including the following in-network insurance plans.

We require payment at time of service rendered including copays, coinsurance & deductible responsibility.

In-network facility/providers for most commercial insurance companies & government funded policies:
We accept all workers compensation carriers. Active vendor for Texas Workforce Solutions. Financing available thru Wells Fargo Financing.

How the claims process works.

In-Network Medical Provider

Schedule Appointment: We will verify your health insurance coverage details.

Pay your share: You may need to pay your co-pay or full-price, if the deductible is not met.

Claims process begins: Doctors are required to file claim to primary insurance within 180 days from visit. Insurance company will verify provider contracted negotiated rate for services rendered, the check members policy for eligibility and benefits. They have 30-days to review the claim and make a payment, deny payment, or put the claim on hold for more information.

Explanation of Benefits: Insurance company will send you an EOB explaining what was covered and cost of services. If all services were not covered, you may need to make payment to your medical providers office.

Secondary Insurance: When our clinic is satisfied with the payments from the primary insurance, it repeats the process with any secondary coverage.

Out-of-Network Medical Provider

Be aware of these important differences:

1. There is no provider contract, so there are no negotiated rates.

2. If prior authorization is required and not obtained, you may be responsible for entire bill.

3. The doctor is not required to file a claim on behalf of patient. If they don't, you have to file it.

4. Sometimes, claim payments will be send directly to patient and you must pay the doctor bill.

The Steps of the Process:

step 1
When our clinic submits a claim to a health insurance company, one of four things can happen.
step 2
It could be accepted and processed for payment.
step 3
We call an insurance representative to ask "What do you need?" Or "What's incorrect?"  - often times it's an incorrect DOB listed in their system or they are showing the member may have another insurance policy.
Our team will review the claim and often file an appeal - this process takes up to 45-days. Sometimes we need the patient to assist in getting the claim processed correctly.
This happens often on high dollar claims - our team will provide additional detailed medical documentation proving the service was rendered or DME delivered.

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