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Most people buy a hearing aid because they want to hear more clearly. That’s why with Lumity, Phonak is going back to basics.

Wherever you find yourself, the Autosense 5.0 operating system employs machine learning to analyze the environment and automatically adjusts the sound to suit. As the only Phonak hearing aid that utilizes AutoSense 5.0, the Audeo Lumity is unparalleled. 

The new directional microphone system from Phonak is called StereoZoom 2.0. Whether you're in a restaurant or a bar, this feature accurately directs the hearing aid's microphones, so you'll hear whatever you are looking at. The beamformer has a slower, more gradual, and smoother activation because it adapts to the noise around the user. Compared to fixed directional settings in earlier iterations of StereoZoom, the result is a 16% improvement in speech comprehension.

SpeechSensor is a new feature that offers 360-degree speech recognition by listening for speech in your surroundings and letting you hear it more clearly from the sides and back. The Lumity's microphone modes are changed automatically to provide better access to speech coming from the sides and back. On average, SpeechSensor offers 15% better speech understanding when seen from the side and rear.

Key features

  • Phonak SpeechSensor offers improved speech understanding of individuals behind you by 15%.
  • Bluetooth allows for up to eight simultaneous connections to your favorite devices and directly connects to iOS and Android devices.
  • The waterproof version can be submerged for up to 1.5 feet deep in fresh, salt, or pool water.
  • Rechargeable models offer 16 hours of power on a single charge; a 15-minute charge adds three hours to the battery life.
  • You can manage your hearing aids and keep track of your health information with the popular myPhonak app.
  • Compatible with the entire range of Roger accessories.

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