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The new Widex Moment hearing aids use a combination of machine learning, sound personalization and a new fitting model to give users the most natural sounding hearing aids possible. In addition, the Widex Moment is the smallest rechargeable receiver in the canal on the market.

The Moment hearing aids are the latest from the Danish brand Widex and the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market. These new hearing aids use machine learning to make automatic adjustments depending on your listening environment while allowing you to personalize your sound settings to enhance your listening comfort and sound quality. According to Widex, 101 users tried out the Moment hearing aids in their daily lives and 91% "agreed that the sound was more satisfactory and lifelike when compared to their existing hearing aids". There are currently four technology levels with the Widex Moment; 440, 330, 220 and 100.

Widex Moment Features:

  • SoundSense Learning which combines noise reduction and directional microphone strategies to increase effectiveness in demanding listening situations
  • TruAcoustics, a new fitting model that produces the right amount of gain at the eardrum to create a more natural sound and better speech recognition
  • Advanced water-resistant nano coating that reduces the risk of moisture damage in all RIC models
  • Compact, lightweight and modern battery chargers that use wireless power transfer

Popular Accessories:

  • Widex COM-DEX
  • Widex TV-DEX
  • Widex TV-DEX 2

Widex SmartRIC

Widex SmartRIC is a revolutionary hearing aid prioritizing natural sound and comfort with its discreet L-shaped design and enhanced clarity in noisy environments. Its impressive 37-hour battery life and portable charger address recharging concerns, while microphone covers minimize distractions. Compatibility with apps like SoundSense Learn and Widex TV Play offers personalized experiences, reflecting Widex's commitment to innovation and improving users' quality of life with seamless connectivity.

This hearing aid and others are available in our Plano and Grapevine clinics.

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